Available in US only.

Compatible with all PocketWizard radios, the PocketWizard Bowens GEM Receiver receives flash triggering signals on all 32 PocketWizard Channels (16 Quad-Zone, and 16 Standard) and 4 zones. Once installed, the world of wireless opens up with the ability to rid your Bowens of cumbersome sync cords, to take advantage of full channel zone control that allows you to trigger flashes individually or in groups.  

product PWBOWENSGEM image


32 Channels: Access all 32 PocketWizard Standard Channels. 16 Standard Channels plus 16 Quad-Zone Triggering Channels available via Learn Mode (see Learn Mode).

Zone Control: Activate or deactivate your remote flash in four seperately controllable zones:
A, B, C, D

Learn Mode:
Teach your BowensGEM a channel and zone from any PocketWizard transmitter. Learn Mode is also used for toggling the BowensGEM radio on and off.

Easy Installation:  Simply remove the protective cover from the plug-in radio trigger compartment on the flash and insert the BowensGEM Receiver into the radio trigger card slot.

External Antenna: An external antenna is easily installed on the outside of the flash allowing you to trigger it up to 150 feet.

PocketWizard Compatible:  The BowensGEM Receiver is compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters on Standard Channels.

No Batteries needed:  The BowensGEM Receiver gets its power from the Bowens flash.