So. Burlington, VT - March 6, 2014
- We’re very pleased to renew the relationship with our friends at Bowens, a solid partner in the family of flash manufacturers providing integrated or modular PocketWizard flash triggering.  Bowens USA is updating select monolights in the Gemini flash line for improved range performance with our jointly developed Bowens/PocketWizard module expressly for the US market.  Read the Bowens Technology Alliance press release for more information.

The PocketWizard module for Bowens Gemini is compatible with our legendary PocketWizard Standard Channels, and can be triggered by every PocketWizard transmitter ever made.  Remote triggering on channels 1 through 10 is simple with the PocketWizard PlusX.  Put a Plus III or MultiMAX on your camera to access all 32 Standard Channels and get creative with Quad-Zone Triggering.  Transmitters in the ControlTL family, like the MiniTT1 or the FlexTT5, can also trigger and select zones for a PocketWizard-equipped Bowens Gemini.

Bowens signature yellow Plus III (representative color not 100% accurate to final plastic color)
Completing the PocketWizard-connected system is our long-time partner, Sekonic: the L-478DR and L-758DR light meters, as well as earlier Sekonic models that accept a PocketWizard transmitter module, offer the same easy triggering and zone control with Bowens Gemini monolights.

We’re excited to include the Bowens Gemini in the family of flash models from Dynalite, Photogenic, Profoto, and Norman with integrated PocketWizard Wireless Technology.  And you can bet that we'll be adding more flash partners this year. 

To help launch this new system, and spice it up a bit, we’ve coordinated with our US Distributor MAC Group in making the PocketWizard Plus III available in Bowens signature yellow in the US market. 

Both the Bowens/PocketWizard module and the Bowens signature yellow Plus III Transceiver are expected to be available in the US market around May 1st.